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Gas springs and gas shock for thousands of different applications. High quality manufacturer of springs, shocks and dampers

Applications of gas springs

Passenger vehicles
Agricultural machinery
Commercial vehicles
Office furniture, -systems
Sun protection
Manufacturing industry
Leisure industry
Houses, buildings
Ships, boats
Medical technology

Rear doors, engine hoods, telephone consoles, trailers
Windows, hatches, doors for tractor cabs, milking machines
Luggage and installation flaps, engine hoods, back rests of seats
Swivel chairs, computer tables, printer hoods, copiers, drawing boards Tables, chairs, kitchen cupboards
Awnings, sunshades
Compressors, hoods, all kind of machinery
Home trainers, solariums
Windows, doors, sky lights, manhole covers
Hoods, containers, hatches, bunks
hospital beds, stretchers, centrifuges